We provide a complete bespoke service, 100 , and honest advice. The choice of the architect is a nervous breakdown, and we get some context before deciding to go with the word, based on their competitive price, but they also know that despite being relatively new. What they were doing was the firm expanded the kitchen for us, which has a subsidiary rate and a rear extension to our Victorian terrace. The most important thing I can say is that we will make the same decision again without question. Deng really knows his stuff and speaks with a lot of construction experience, and the whole team was qualified and professional.

The work was as stated, and there was no apparent delay. Some adjustments to the building control insurance cost some extra, but it wasn’t the builders’ fault. Plus, everything went into budget. The construction services are very happy with the work we do – it has given us the extra space we need and its implementation is good quality. The team was as serious as it could be for our young family as we live in this property. Of course, no bill is perfect, and we had some minor issues about which electricians were getting mixed messages about our needs, but this was really minor in the larger scheme.

In short. , I would say that we are competitive on price and reliability – which were two of the most important factors for us. Loft Conversion in Balham. We take pride in our work and play all the keys. We only care about the houses we have built and the clients they have built. We are a local building service that specializes in elevator conversion and home extension, and begin to work on these projects as a service and not just a contract. If the upscale business or capital expansion in London is exactly what you want or if you just want to see what you can get from your place, we can offer you the right advice and design and construction service.

What we need In addition to our elevator conversion, we run a successful range of home extensions designed for you, your home and your lifestyle. We provide a complete bespoke service, 100 accountability, honest advice, no contract, expert work and 10 year warranty. For all of our plans. Just take a look at our website and our client reviews. Feel proud to be registered and licensed to perform new building work in Balham. The range of services at Lcrenovation.co.uk includes completely new construction, extensive renovation, small extensions and wide landscapes and lighting. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and take pride in our portfolio and positive customer feedback. Find out more or discuss a project. Lcrenovation.co.uk range includes completely new construction, extensive renovation, small extension and wide views.