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House & Kitchen Extensions: Side Return, Double and Single Storey in Gipsy Hill

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design and build house exetnsion company london

LC Renovation, Ltd construction company can take care of all aspects of your property, flat remodelling and kitchen extension extension in Gipsy Hill, London

LC Renovation is family run builders with extensive over 25 years of experience. We have been working with RIBA chartered Architects  we can take care of design, planning permission, architectural drawings, project management, building and maintenance of your home which is personal to you. We do not sub contract any projects and hold full control and ease in renovating and remodelling your property.

wrap around house exetnsion company

Our main aim is to transform your property into better living space. If you purchased a new property or just want to refresh it to give it your personal touch and design, or it needs complete renovation. We are able to completely transform your living area with your own personal desired conversions and extension for added living space, compromising with bright sunlight and cosy feel.

To get started with your renovation project is very simple. We make arrangement for initial site-visit consultation meet-up, next step we will prepare a no obligation quotation which covers interior and core build product selection, construction initiation, post-job aftercare clean-up.

Our innovative approach utilize building process to run smoothly and to exceed your expectations, we are good in what we do and we ensure your home renovation, kitchen or bathroom remodelling project in Gipsy Hill will have your desired finish.

We hold the following:

• £10 million Employers Liability insurance

• £5 million Public Liability insurance

• £5 million Product Liability insurance

• Projects assigned with JCT or FMB Contracts

We work with RIBA chartered Architects:

• Planning applications

• Architectural Drawings

• Building Control

• Structural Works

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    double storey house kitchen extension design

    Side Return Extension

    The added space with side return house extensions provides you and your family members more space. Extensions can be modified into rooms of relaxation and entertainment, fitted with integrated sound systems and technology.

    Rear Kitchen Extensions

    Kitchen extensions have become the most popular types of home improvements in Gipsy Hill area. A new kitchen can add up to 6{305221c2d1237fd880fd4973fa52a459c45934951824f698cdd958bf25640faa} in value to a property and is sometimes the first thing people look for when buying. This is why open-plan kitchen diners are now high in demand and are often adjoined to the rear end of the house.

    Rear Extension (Single, Double Storey)

    A rear extension takes full advantage of the outside space and boosts the indoor capacity by integrating the flooring or materials that can be found in the garden. Shifting the extraneous space from the outside to the inside can result in a significant increase in livable room, thus encouraging household members to congregate more in this part of the property.

    wrap around house extension builders

    Wrap Around

    As swathes of new luxury modern apartments sweep the city, there’s also been a newfound penchant to modernising existing properties with similarly designed house extensions in Gipsy Hill. These glass designs represent the new trend in contemporary architecture and can reinvent living spaces by facilitating large amounts of natural light. Not only does this brighten up the place and make it more inviting, but it also gives the illusion of even more space.












    We are specialists in high quality refurbishment and fit out.

    LC Renovation are London’s premier house renovation and refurbishment company. We provide state of art residential renovations, house extensions, loft and basement conversions. Unlike regular builders we can assure you will receive a top quality finish throughout refurbishment.

    Simply delivering beautiful projects at affordable prices with a attention to detail and high standard of finish. We believe we are truly unique when it comes to get maximum of your investment and time for quality, speed and efficiency on every project delivery.

    Explore how we can improve your existing living space.

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    Office Opening Hours

    Mon        08:00 – 17:00
    Tue         08:00 – 17:00
    Wed        08:00 – 17:00
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    Outside of these hours, please leave a message and we will call you straight back.

    If you are an existing client and need to contact us urgently, please call the mobile number of your Project Manager

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      Where did you hear about us?

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      Rear, Side Return Kitchen and house extensions in Gipsy Hill

      LC Renovation – Design & Build is able to undertake loft extensions and multiple storey extension will help you gain extra living space. A two-storey extension could be the perfect idea to transform your home, by increasing your living space and bedroom accommodation simultaneously. It is also more cost-effective than building a single-storey extension, as it spreads the cost of two of the most expensive elements – the foundations and the roof – bringing down the average construction cost per metre square. Using the roof space too could be even more cost-effective with a loft conversion. Building over more than one storey is also tend to be more space-efficient as it sacrifices less of an outdoor space than a single storey extension of the same area.

      Full Refurbishments

      Loft Conversion

      House Extensions

      Painting & Decorating

      Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our ongoing and completed projects.

      Is not the only advantages of hiring LC Renovation not only stands for “Outstanding Service and Support” also we can handle your flat or home remodelling project with quality craftsmanship, utilising only superior products and best practices.

      When searching for a local home remodelling and renovation contractor in Dulwich or surrounding areas, or any other borough in London, look no further than LC Renovation.

      Please do not hesitate and contact us today. We are happy to serve residents throughout Dulwich.

      How Much Does a House Extension Cost in Gipsy Hill?

      Most of the clients ask us this question a lot: what is ballpark figure for a rear house extension?

      It is not straight forward because each individual project will be completely different and will depend on a number of factors. If we closely look into multiple factors such as the materials needed, the clients’ vision, the budget and the timeframe before we can give a clear quotation. With that being said, we can give a rough estimate during the site visit meeting. From our previous experience in rear and side extensions, we can give some understanding of what you might expect:


      £1100 – £1,400 PER SQ M2 APPROX.

      This figure is a rough idea at what a rear house extension in the Wandsworth area will cost. The range is a correlation between the different level in the finish. There is always the possibility of other costs being incurred when looking at in greater depth.

      Lets say you are extending 4M X 5M

      So, for your 4 x 5m extension, the build cost at the lowest end of these estimates would be roughly £23,000

      + Add on 10-15{305221c2d1237fd880fd4973fa52a459c45934951824f698cdd958bf25640faa} professional fees (architect, planning application, building regs, structural engineer)

      + VAT

      Single storey extension = £30,000


      It will incur extra costs add 50{305221c2d1237fd880fd4973fa52a459c45934951824f698cdd958bf25640faa} extra to the build cost of a single storey extension.

      So, £23,000 +50{305221c2d1237fd880fd4973fa52a459c45934951824f698cdd958bf25640faa} = £34,500

      + Add on 10-15{305221c2d1237fd880fd4973fa52a459c45934951824f698cdd958bf25640faa} for professional fees (architect, planning application, building regs, structural engineer)

      + VAT

      Double Storey Extension = £48,000

      The above rough estimate will only can be applied to simple extension.


      + Add say, £5,000 for a bathroom. Costs may be more or (if you are very thrifty) slightly less depending on your sanitary ware and finishes.

      + Add £10,000 for a kitchen (again, completely depends on your specification, £10,000 should get you a lower-mid range kitchen with appliances)


      Above costs assume modest finishes, fittings, electrics and lighting. Think simple painted walls, carpet floors or possibly engineered oak.

      + If you’re wanting higher-end finishes e.g. tile finishes, fitted joinery etc the costs will increase.

      + Glazing will increase the cost also. Sliding or folding doors are a popular addition to extensions at the moment. You can read our article here for reviews and costs of the best sliding door companies.


      We will need to include additional costs in your quotation if any of the following apply:

      + Your soil type and ground conditions may present more costly construction methods / techniques.

      + Limited access to the site. Will it be easy for our builders to bring in tools and machinery easily?

      + Existing structure. Are you removing any structural walls? If so there will likely be additional costs for steelwork.

      + Are you moving any pipework, drainage, gas meters?


      + As already mentioned above, in the South East you can expect to pay more than the rest of the UK, and notably more in London.


      + Consider the type/ quality of construction materials involved and the type of construction.

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