House Extension in Camberwell is a better solution when you think your family is getting big. As children grow up they all need their private space to live. Moreover, if any guest comes up on holiday then it’s hard to manage a seperate space for them. In all this hectic solution house extension is the best way to manage your family in one house. During the extension project homeowners just think to expand a house in terms of meters and squares. Despite that they should think of what size of space is adding to the house. There are many ways of creating an extra space, only a bigger extension is not a good option. There is much extra space in your house which you can get through an expert design for a new space and alsi for a space which is already in a house.

When you plan for a house extension it means you need an extra room. Building a single storey extension is a good solution as compared to a shift in another house. It allows you to design an additional space with a proper layout that suits your lifestyle. Following are some points which you must examine before building a single storey extension.

  1. Cost Of Building A Single Storey Extension.

The first thing to plan is an estimated amount which will be spent on building an extension. Set your budget which you think you can spend on what you are planning. For this it is better to consult an expert to build a cost for you. It’s better to hire a company rather than hiring individual workers for your extension project. Lc Renovation is a leading company in the UK. They are experts in dealing with House Extension in Camberwell projects. After seeing your all requirements in detail they will give you an estimated cost of your project. They also have discounted packages.


  1. How To Design A Single Storey Extension

Once you hire Lc renovation for your extension project. They start to consider the main things of your house like


  • Interior layout

They first examine the spaces in your house as it can convert in two smaller spaces. They work on your needs before they start an extension.


  • Position of Doors And Windows

This thing matters a lot in an extension. The position must be right to capture daylight and the beautiful views of gardens. Even on a low budget you can enjoy your extension with Lc renovation.

  • Exterior Layout

The roof in the new extension must be brighter and bigger in the space. The height of the windows should be higher on the down floor windows. If your roof has a lower pitch than Lc renovation, get creative designs for your roof. Choosing a right color to make it more attractive with glazed elements.


House Extension in Camberwell has become easy with Lc renovation. Their staff of workers are very friendly and cooperative. In the time of the whole project theri experts work with dedication. Their hard work is bespoken by their work.