Extending a house is increasing rapidly, becoming a choice of every homeowner. As many owners cannot afford to buy a new house, so they are trying to maximize the potential from their own house space. Moreover, a house extension in Wimbledon seems to be an economical option. For extending a house, it’s better to hire a constructor. Professionals can beautifully extend your house compared to themselves. If you are planning your House extension in Wimbledon, then Lc renovation is the best option. Lc renovation handles all aspects of your house extension from the bathroom to kitchen extension, interior and exterior decoration of your house. The bonding of an architect drawing and top-notch engineer working under one team in Lc renovation. These experts will hand over plenty of benefits in upgrading and refitting your house.

Lc renovation also offers house renovation services. If you have purchased a new house and before shifting you want to renovate your house. They are available to refine your house completely. Moreover, they will professionally expand your house with the desired conversion of any additional space. Lc renovation is capable and masters not only in remodeling your space but because of the removing impurities and creating an impactful finish.


Types Of House Extensions Offered By Lc renovation

There are many different types of extensions projects completed by Lc renovation. Some of them are as follows.


  1. Single Storey House Extension

A single-story extension done by extending the house. This connection requires a detailed examination in particular openings between the extensions and the existing building, connection with the roof structure, the position of pipelines and drains, and much more. Moreover, you also required a legal approval of building regulations. Some common types of single-story house extensions include garage, porch, conservatory, and orangery.


  1. Two Storey House Extension

The same attention is required in two-story house extensions. Even the connections and structure seem to be more complicated in the two-story house extension. Thus the planning permission is also required.


  1. House Extension Over the Structure Of House

This extension takes place over the top of the house structure. The foundation of the house checked while ensuring the structure’s strength. Whether it’s suitable for overextension or not.


  1. Basement Extension

The basement is the ground level part of a house. In many cities in London, the cost of houses is increasing day by day. Because of this reason, living space converted into basements. It also increases the income of a normal family by renting a basement space to others. Although it required some legal steps to be done.


  1. Loft Conversion

With house renovation and extension projects. Lc renovation also offers loft conversion. Extension of the Loft area can increase the value of your house from 20 to 30%.


These are different types of House extension in Wimbledon. You can go for any extension, depending on the size and structure of your house. And with Lc renovation, your house will become a sign of a beautiful creature.