Your floor is the most important surface in your home – it’s the backdrop to rooms, so choose a flooring option that is comfortable, easy to clean, and will last for years to come. You also want something that looks great throughout your home and suits your living needs. Here are some floor covering options for your home renovations:


Laminate floors for House Renovations in Chiswick are an inexpensive product made to look like hardwood floors. Laminate floors are designed to look like hardwood floors, but are generally a poor recreation and a bit like ordering instant coffee at a city cafe. Laminate is strong and easy to clean.


The rug is a great option for those who like something soft and warm under their feet. Today, carpet is available in a wide variety of colors and textures, so you can select the right carpet for your home. The carpet is also a great thermal and acoustic insulator.


Parquet flooring is a great option and can be produced from new and recycled wood. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose something to suit your home.


With so many colors, shapes, and styles of tile available today, it’s no wonder they’re becoming a great option for modern homes. They can create a great look, are easy to clean, and very durable. However, tiles can get very cold underfoot, so they are best stored in sunrooms, kitchens or bathrooms.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are the cream of the crop. Wood floors will increase the value of your home and add aesthetic appeal to any living space. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and durable; if they are taken good care of, lcrenovation will never have to be replaced.

Hardwood floors don’t trap dust and don’t retain stains or odors, making them kid-friendly and great for asthma sufferers. After many years, you will not need to lift the floor and replace it; all you have to do is sand and polish it, and it will look like new. Hardwood floor covering is available in a variety of wood species, either recycled or new, so you can choose a wood color and type to match your home and your budget.

There are so many options available, and different options will suit different needs, homes, and budgets. Remember that your floor is the fifth and most important “wall” in your home, so choose carefully!

James Henry supplies and lays beautiful hardwood floors. Company owner Chris Northmore leads a team focused on creating great results. Whether he’s looking for a character-filled recycled floor or a flawless new hardwood floor, James Henry will do it.

One of James Henry’s key products is new flooring made from recycled wood, in the Matai and Rimu options. Old wood is de-nailed, goes through a metal detector, and is then profiled for a new floor. It is the best of both worlds: a recycled floor with character but that has the qualities