Probably the most common questions sellers face before listing their home is: Should or should I not renovate?

For some sellers, renovating is the key to selling their home, while for other sellers, renovating the home before selling is simply a waste of time and money. However, there are a few questions you can think about to determine if pre-sale home makeovers are right for you:


What are the comparables in my area?

The best way to determine of House Renovations in Chiswick if you should renovate your home is simply by studying the comparables in your community. With the help of your real estate agent, evaluate other similar homes that are currently for sale or even recently sold.

It may be worth taking a tour of a few homes within your neighborhood that are for sale and studying the competition. If the homes for sale in your neighborhood have updated kitchens and your home does not, it is probably worth the investment to renovate your kitchen area so that it can remain competitive in the local market.

What room do I want to reform?

Most real estate agents will tell you that the value of your home renovations before you sell it will largely depend on the room you decide to renovate. The two most popular areas to renovate, and also the two rooms in the house that are most likely to get a return on your investment, are the bathroom and the kitchen.

Both of these areas remain a great motivator among buyers to buy a home, so it only makes sense to focus on these rooms. Like the living room or bedroom, for example, may not show you as great a return on your investment as the actual master bathroom or kitchen area.

How slow or difficult can it be to complete a renovation?

Most renovator like lcrenovation would agree that home renovations could be a headache. Therefore, consider the time it would take to complete the actual renovation and the difficulty of the renovation. If the renovation involves gutting a kitchen, for example, would that affect your home as well, and how long would it take to complete?

Does the cost of the renovation exceed what my personal home could sell?


The bottom line, obviously, is money when it comes to determining whether to do home makeovers before selling. Even if other homes in the neighborhood have updated kitchens, your kitchen area renovation should never be completed unless you can be sure you will see a return on your dollar.

Lastly, a makeover is reflected in a tangible product that will get people talking. For example, after renovating someone’s home, you might have to go away parties before you move in. Guests will notice that the house was recently renovated and can ask your client about it. Your client will mention that their sales agent renovated their home for free. Therefore, your image is promoted, which will generate more sales for you.


Basically, it is the tangible result of a renovation, such as a new carpet or the construction of a deck that makes people talk about you. This benefit of word of mouth is something that other promotional strategies, such as “lower commission” or “chance to win something,” cannot achieve very effectively.