Well when you are planning a Loft Conversion in Earlsfield the timescale is dependent on the planning of a conversion. Whereas it is said that loft conversion requires the same time as the whole house renovation takes. Although the both projects are different from each other but they still the same time frame is set for them. The time frame also depends on the type of conversion. Each conversion takes its own time to convert and change the loft. In every conversation there are three steps which are involved in the completion of every loft conversion.

  1. Design And Drawing

It is a first step toward a Loft Conversion in Earlsfield. You create a design for your ideal room. It’s an important part when you are thinking of using an extra space in the loft. This step will include the proper survey of a house and a schedule of project planning. Like what things to cover daily. And in a survey you go through the living needs, entrance, headroom and fire setup is carefully considered and adjusted in a design. During creating a design many options come which may appeal to you and many designs are revised before a final design and drawing. Once the design is discussed and approved with a professional constructor then it comes time to submit your design at the local planning or building controller office. In order to get the approval of design and move conversion further.


  1. Planning

Planning step starts after the approval of design or after the permission granted for conversion. After the visit of building control the conversion starts. Now it depends how much time this all process will take. Even the planning office of your area will also give you a time at which you can start your conversion. Once the design is approved and planning permission is granted the project can be scheduled in an estimated time. From the suggested dates of starting conversion to the end.


  1. Construction

After the approval of design and granted permission there comes a third and final step of construction. With this you start with a schedule you have planned and in what order you are going to take starting from the roof and exterior work then moving toward an internal work. Loft conversion is divided into different parts. Before the final stages of loft conversion many things are there to complete, including fixings, furnishing, floor polish, decorations and wall paints.

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