Some houses can be renovated in three weeks, while the other may take up to months to renovate. Contractors sometimes are not able to complete the project on time. When you have a messy house and contractors in your home, it sometimes feels irritating. But maintaining a proper understanding with the contractor during a house extension is necessary. And must know about when the expansion will be completed.

A professional contractor will provide you with the start date and also share the schedule of everyday renovation work. Before the project starts, a lot of communication is necessary between the homeowner and contractor. Aware homeowners at what date the project will be started and how many days it takes to cover significant areas like kitchen, bathroom, or an addition of any room or lounge. This all things will be distributed from four weeks to sixteen weeks, or maybe before that, it will complete.

Also, know about some reasons which delay your extension project like a kitchen renovation that needs many things to arrange. The contractor has to wait for some arrangements, inspection, and subcontractors. Furthermore, the order of a few things may cause delays like kitchen cabinets or floor tiles that are out of stock and need time to deliver. Also, the electricians and plumbers working beyond the schedule as they have other projects to complete. Sometimes bad weather and unexpected problems take place during house renovations in Clapham.


How Lengthy is the Extension Process?

Many factors can affect the timeline, depending on the work and scope of the project. The renovation process is not about changing old things into the new one. The things which take longer time in renovations are the process of tiling a bathroom, changing the layout of a room and kitchen like where the sink, cabinet, and stove are going to fit. Same as that basement and roof installation may take time.

No matter if you are planning a room renovation or a whole house renovation in Clapham, the procedure and timeline will remain. So it’s hard to calculate the exact time of renovation. Every house is different from each other, so does its planning and renovation also differ from each other.

Renovation may be delayed because the contractors are not working correctly. Sometimes they are scammed, and after receiving the advance payment, they just ruined your project. This leads you to suffer a lot.


Hire The Right Contractor For Renovation in Clapham

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