Planning a loft conversion in Hammersmith to add more value to your house?. It’s not necessary that every loft conversion gives value to your house. It depends on the area, size, and design. You have to check it by yourself if a loft conversion is worth your property or not. The following are some devices for a well-planned loft conversion. Read that guide and get an idea of planning your loft conversion.


Why do Loft Conversion

By a survey, it is recognized that loft conversion adds 20% of value to your current property. Majority families do loft conversion to add more space in their house, without tolerating the cost and stressful procedure of shifting the house. A loft conversion is a better idea to add space as compared to moving into a new house. Make sure not to extend your loft as much that it outgrows your road. If this happens it can affect your investment.

Loft space is of any use?

Before starting a loft conversion examine the space of the loft carefully whether it is suitable or not. Eighty percent loft is suitable for conversion but there are few things to check before taking a start.


  • Inner Height: Measure the inner height of a loft from the ceiling to the main floor you stand. It must be around 2.5 cm.
  • Roof Cover: Evaluate the angle of the roof. If the pitch angle is higher it means the head height is also higher.
  • Walking Space: The average space must be 5.5cm side to side and 7.5cm front to back.


How to Use Loft Space

Once it is confirmed that your loft is ready for conversion. Plan how to use that space. It depends on what you want to add like an extra bedroom with an attached bathroom or a play area for your child, or might an office or library to relax your mind. It can also be a guest room or a mixture of multi purpose uses. Make sure to look at the space before planning anything. Mostly domestic Loft Conversions in Hammersmith are best fitted for an extra bedroom and play or office area.

Can I do Loft Conversion Alone?

Starting a loft conversion alone is a complicated process, which includes planning permits. While it is possible to renovate your loft alone. But in the end, you must need expert help to finish your loft conversion perfectly. The large amount of work in a loft conversion is completed by expert people by hiring your project to the loft conversion company.

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