We are happy to work with your architects, structural engineers. When we choose Lot Conversion Specialists in London, we can make the right choice for you. You can be assured that we can take care of each one, including design drafts, obtain planning permission from your local council and prepare your conversions according to your desired expectations, time and budget. Can popular types of lot conversion types you can consider are Dover, Mansard, L-shaped Mansard,. The current roof layout has been considered, and the restrictions that apply allow us to determine what type of elevator conversion you will be allowed to use as your local authority allows you to proceed. Lcrenovation.co.uk will allow you to discuss your ideas and budget. You will need to have a full consultation meeting on your property.

We are very comfortable and growing in your living space. The place will have a great impact. Expansion of residential property is becoming the most popular choice, and with the approval of liberal planning with them, we will make sure that your relocation is the best investment in your property. Our builders have extensive experience converting all types of Renovations in Pimlico, including southwest as well as west London. We are happy to work with your architects, structural engineers. Design and Construction – possible for most residential projects located in Pimlico. This process involves architects, quantity surveyors, party wall engineers, structural engineers, building controls and our best architects. House Renovation London can recommend or work with third party architects, building codes and planning permits, structural engineering and planning and management of your project, according to your budget and your time.

Profession and Opportunities It allow you to move your height upstairs. If you’re considering a flat-roofed drummer conversion in particular, it offers extra headroom’s, straight walls and flat roofs. Unstable change will provide the upper part of your property with the need for lighting and ventilation, and a very versatile space suitable for many uses. Door-to-door exchanges are often possible even in confined spaces or headroom peaks, and are suitable for many UK property styles, whether it’s a typical London Victorian terrace, or post-war semi-modern. For some, a flat roof door may not provide the aesthetic appeal of other types of loft conversions, but it does offer the greatest benefit in both floor space and the headroom. Although a cable-faced door or a concealed roof door can be an attractive addition to a property, it can be more expensive to build and will not provide as much extra space. Details Lcrenovation.co.uk Will allow you to think you will need to hold a free full consultation meeting on your property. We will make a great impact on your living space and the growing space.