Extensions in Battersea and Understanding House Extensions

For property owners in the Battersea area, living space has become a hot commodity. Now more than ever, making the best use of your existing home is key, especially given the high stress levels that come from relocating. Our building contractors believe that a home is treasured, and perform diligently to ensure you have the space you need for a comfortable, fully realized lifestyle. We can expand your property to the rear or side and add value to your Battersea home with high-quality house extensions. Lcrenovation.co.uk has a talent for home refurbishments, home renovations and commercial projects. Our building contractors understand the need for excellent timekeeping, arriving promptly and completing all tasks with superb efficiency. Whether you tire of cramped living conditions or have a new addition to the family, home extensions can dramatically improve your home and deliver a spacious living area to your needs.

Specializing in a variety of house extensions,

In-house renovations, house refurbishments and extensions, our team implements the most hardwearing materials for lasting builds. We provide light-filled conservatories, high-grade orangeries and tranquil sunrooms to homeowners in the Battersea area. From P-shaped extensions to large-scale Victorian conservatories and multi-story projects, we can expand your home in a variety of ways and advice on the best use of the space. Although outbuildings and conservatories are the most commonly seen types of home extensions, our building contractors also provide loft conversions and finished basements to local customers. We assess the feasibility of everything from complex wraparounds to simple lean-to conservatories, guiding clients throughout the process. Experienced in house refurbishments and house renovations, we can also extend your kitchen or garage to a more effective, functional space.

Do I Need a Planning Permission?

Conservatories, garden rooms and other extensions in Battersea must conform to certain criteria in order to support development under fall. Although these criteria can be extensive, there are a few areas to look out for include height, materials and the width of the build. Planning permission is typically required for multi-story extensions, mansard loft conversions and self-contained units, while side extensions should stand at a maximum of four meters high and remain at least half the width of the original house.

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Our building contractors maintain a neat construction site for the safety of all concerned. Whether you come to us for home extensions, home refurbishments or a commercial build, we will deliver a friendly, creative service designed to your brief. At every stage, we operate the core values of customer service and exceptional care, producing luxurious extensions that property owners in Battersea can enjoy throughout the year. If you have questions about extensions, renovations or conversions, please contact us without delay. We offer a range of building services and will be thrilled to assist in any way possible.