If you considering renovating a home, there are concerns beyond materials, design, and contractors that need to be addressed. Your main question should be; Why am I spending resources of time and money on this particular project?

The top four House Renovations in Vauxhall include:

  • Remodeling or updating of bathrooms
  • Renovation and/or expansion of kitchens
  • Remodeling or finishing the basement
  • Room additions

The top three reasons for home renovations are:

  • Improvements to increase the resale value
  • Renovations for personal enjoyment or to expand your living space
  • Substitution by age and condition of the home

In the case of resale value, will the return on investment guarantee the time and money spent on your home renovations?

The House Renovations in Vauxhall is not as strong as it was two years ago. Fortunately for us, we bought the house in 2002, before prices rose. The question we face is what kind of improvement are we willing to make and at what cost to make our home stand out from the many others that are for sale.

We have determined that the area of ​​the home that needs updating is the kitchen. The cost of refinishing cabinets, adding mid-range granite countertops, and replacing older appliances will mostly pay off, but the deciding factor is; the home will sell faster with these improvements.

If the motive for this home improvement were for our personal enjoyment and entertainment, then we would view this project differently. If we were planning to keep this house for at least three years, we would expand the kitchen by redesigning the counter space, replacing the old cabinets, adding granite countertops and high-end appliances.

A major renovation, addition, or finished basement may not increase the resale value of your home in the short term. However, these home expansion projects increase your quality of life and, in the long term, three to five years; they will increase the value of your home.


Sometimes a house renovation is necessary due to the age of the house. You are not looking for resale value or expanded living space. The way you handle this type of scenario is different from the previous two cases. This renovation is more out of necessity.

You must decide whether you want to remodel or update the old and worn materials and design, or just replace them based on cost. Keep in mind that the best time to do upgrades and remodels is when you have things trashed.

Only remember:

1) Your home remodeling does not guarantee higher resale value, be selective in how you spend your time and money.

2) Not everything relates to resale value. It is your house; make it your home to enjoy.

3) Finally, some remodeling projects like lcrenovation are simply necessary. When possible, use this as an opportunity to increase the livability of your home.

Remember, there are no second chances once the project is complete. Research as many design options as possible to ensure your return on investment or the expanded living space you envisioned.