The most popular two-level home renovations with House Renovations in Clapham are projects to finish unfinished or partially finished areas, opening up the main floor, updating the kitchen, adding bathrooms to the main floor (formal living area) and the upper level (bedroom area).

Many people want to create House Renovations in Claphammore open on the main floor of a split level, which usually consists of the living room, kitchen, dining room, and possibly a bedroom. Openness certainly achieved by removing some of the walls between the rooms. You will need to make sure you know which walls are load-bearing walls. For example, you may want a greater opening between the kitchen and dining room. Removing the wall. Removing the wall between the living room and the dining room can open up the area and make it more conducive to entertaining.

It is not uncommon for two-level houses with four levels to have an unfinished lower level. Finishing this area really is no different than finishing any basement. However, it will be important to check the ceiling height early in the project planning stages. Several two-level houses have lower ceilings on the lower story.

The desire to add bathroom to any home is quite common. Split levels often offer two major opportunities to add bathrooms. First, most two-level homes were not built with a bathroom on the main floor (formal living room). Many owners would like to add at least a half bath or vanity on the main floor for comfort and convenience of guests or disabled family members. Determining the location of new bathroom is a challenge on most split levels. Logic and cost awareness would suggest locating the new bathroom close to existing plumbing. It allows you to use existing supply and exhaust pipes.

However, depending on the floor plan, this might not be feasible. The location of the plumbing to a new bathroom on the main floor will require some attention to the ceiling height of the floor. If the lower level has lower ceilings, typically, the location of the plumbing may depend on where the pipes can be placed without rendering the lower level unusable. You can get a quick estimate of the cost to finish a two-story home basement at

Adding a bathroom on the bedroom level is also a very popular two-level renovation. Many two-level homes only have a shared bathroom on this floor. Other designs include a very small master bathroom. Whether your remodeling plan involves adding a second bathroom or expanding a master bathroom, you’ll need to sacrifice space somewhere on that floor. Again, you will probably want to try building the new bathroom close to the existing plumbing, if possible, to reduce the amount of work required and control the cost of its renovation. Expanding a master bathroom over two levels will almost certainly require taking up space from the bedroom. A solution could be a hit or add an addition that encompasses both the bathroom and the master bedroom. The key to success for remodeling projects is organization; try to get an organizer like the one from