Renovating a house is necessary before you shift in a house or if you are living in it and you think your house needs a renovation you must go for it. Renovation means improvement of the house or home. It’s basically a repair of your house from old things to the new one. Renovating your existing house is a tough challenge but don’t worry, take a deep breath. it’s better to give your old house a new life instead of shifting to another house. As the house is also not easy to buy in this economical salary. So before planning for the renovation of the house, you must have to go through some important steps.

Steps you Must Make Before Renovating Your House


  • First of all, you have to thoroughly survey your house and point out which things need renovation.
  • It’s better to prepare a schedule of each room including wiring or plumbing if needed.
  • Create a rough design and make sure it meets your needs.
  • Prepare your budget make sure to keep 10 to 20 percent extra in case of any immediately happening.

So these were the few main steps you have to keep in mind before starting the renovating process.


Renovating a house is not easy work as it requires much time and effort. There are many companies who are offering renovation services. Renovation in Clapham from smaller to a larger scale is possible now as there are many best renovating companies. They handle the renovation project professionally and provide outstanding customer satisfaction. Renovation in Clapham has become easy with the help of these companies. One of the best renovation companies in Clapham is LC Renovation. Many people are well aw of this company. They are providing outstanding work and have a strong portfolio.

LC Renovation is a solution to all your renovating problems. Renovation in Clapham within your flexibility is only possible with LC Renovation. They provide a detail description, beautifully cooperated, renovation of house and home, also offers the extension of house, roof and basement transformation. There designing are unique for every project. They don’t repeat the designs as other builders do. They deliver well-furnished projects at affording able rates. Those who renovate their house know the headache and problems they face during the renovation period. Even some have been ditched by their irregular builders. They took the project and just leave it in the middle of the process. Lc Renovation also takes ongoing projects. They are the ones who can help you out in this situation. And completed it so nicely that you will be amazed.

Renovation of the house is necessary once in a year but many people cannot afford it as it doesn’t suit their budget. But with Lc Renovation it is possible now as they have different packages. They also have an economical package which can suit everyone. Their packages start from £50,000 and can increase as much as you want, depending on your budget. They work on projects across London.


Services offered by Lc Renovation

Like every renovating company, Lc Renovation also offers some of the best services. There serve includes

  • Renovation of your full house and half also. As some of the customers only want the renovation of a specific room or areas like bathroom and kitchen renovation. They offer both services. Renovate your bathrooms pipelines and kitchen electric wiring.
  • Extension of your house. They extend your house as per your instruction.
  • Roof replacement or leakage problems of the roof.
  • Basement shifting.
  • Improve the appearance of your floor by changing its structure.
  • Brighten your house with beautiful lights and fencing.


Hence it is proved that Renovation In Clapham has become easy with the help of Lc Renovation.