Home renovations can enhance the beauty and value of your home if done correctly. The kitchen, bathroom, and basement are the most popular renovations going on today and can add up to the sale price of your home substantially.


Doing renovations can also be a very messy and disturbing business that can last for weeks, depending on the job.

Contractor credentials

When choosing contractors, here are ten things to consider:

Ask the contractor for at least three references.

Please check these credentials carefully. A recommendation from a friend on House Renovations in Kingston or family member is always ideal.

Ask the contractor of lcrenovation if they have liability insurance for damage to your home, as well as workers’ compensation.

Ask them how long House Renovations in Kingston they have been in business.

Find out what licenses the electrical or plumbing workers have.

What types of renovations do you specialize in?

Will they use their own crew or will they outsource?

Find out how they manage to obtain the necessary permits, such as those for construction, plumbing and electrical.

Discuss the required deposits and review a copy of your contract.

Are they members of a local builders association?

The written contract should include the scope of work, price, payment, deposits, hours, hours, cleaning, and disposition of materials.

Projects management


It is always best to bring several estimates for your work. You want to feel comfortable with the person you hire. Communication is important, and if you find it difficult to get answers to your estimation questions, it will only get worse over time.

You should not hire them until they meet your expectations around your questions, your commitments, and your employment relationships. Here are some areas to consider:

They should be willing to advise you and help you refine any issues that arise as the project progresses.

How flexible is the contractor to plan changes or revisions? In some cases, the job itself can uncover hidden problems, so set aside a little extra money for these unexpected events.

And a cash deal, while tempting, can leave you without legal recourse if problems arise later.

Choose the contractor that you believe will provide the best overall value and support your work.

Think green before renovations begin

When renovating, it’s a good idea to think about the ways it can affect your energy usage and be environmentally friendly:

What you can do to increase the energy efficiency of your property. You’ll save money in the long run and make your home more attractive to potential buyers when you finally sell it. Savings on electricity, water and gas can help you return a portion of your investment and make life at home more comfortable.

If you are replacing the oven, consider a high-efficiency oven with programmable thermostats. New Energy Star appliances can reduce energy loads compared to previous models.


The addition of energy-efficient windows will better protect you against UV rays, reduce street noise levels, and insulate you against air leakage.

The government has many programs to help homeowners with refunds for renovations that are done with energy efficiency in mind. Check with your local government for these programs. The time to make changes is when you are doing the actual renovation.