Most old houses with aluminum windows look pretty dated. Many were the standard color of silver alumina or even more dated bronze brown. The problem is, these and other older colors don’t blend well with modern internal and external color schemes in House Renovations in Balham.

Replacing these windows is a big job and not profitable for most renovation projects. However, there is a very inexpensive way to do it.

Renewing can be a fun or frustrating experience, depending on how well you are prepared for it. And if you are renovating a home, we hope you are pretty well prepared. After all, the last thing you want to do when you’re done is redo something you thought was working well.

In any home, space is an issue. You can never really get enough. And a well-made closet is a fundamental part of the aesthetics of the house. When elegantly framed, your closet can be a huge asset, whether it’s for your precious wardrobe or by your front door to hang coats. Now let’s take it from above.

First, you want to decide the ideal size. 27 inches deep is what you want as a minimum, especially if you plan to hang your clothes.

Now there are companies that specialize in this service, but if you have a limited budget, why not do it yourself?

  1. Remove mosquito nets or safety screens.
  2. Clean all surfaces to be painted. that is, any part of the inner or outer frame of lcrenovation that you want to change color.
  3. Mask all rubber surfaces, glass, and surrounding walls with masking tape and newspaper. Make sure to use proper painter’s tape, anything else will be too messy and you will have a great cleanup job.
  4. Spray a light coat of metal etching paint. This will adhere to the glossy alumina surface and prevent the paint from peeling off.
  5. Repeat with a second neckline. This generally dries quickly.


PS Remember to clean the nozzle of your spray can between coats, holding it upside down and spraying until all that comes out is the clear spray gas.

  1. Do the same as above for the screens. It’s easiest to place paper or cardboard on the floor and support the displays a couple of inches off the ground. Walk around the screens as you spray to make sure you don’t miss any details that appear later.
  2. Once the etch is dry, apply the first of 3 coats of matte black automotive spray paint in a can. This is very inexpensive and is best purchased from your local automart type store.
  3. Make sure you allow enough time between coats.

  1. Watch for drift of wind and dew. You don’t want to give your car a paint job. The cleaning will be done with mineral spirits since it is not a water-based paint.
  2. Masking takes most of the time, so don’t use too many windows in one day. Try to get help with masking, it’s boring work.
  3. Matte black gives a much better finish than a gloss; comes close to the brightness of real powder coating.