Searching for something exciting for your loft conversion. You want to transform that extra space into a new design. Although this is a good idea. But besides that, you must have to keep in mind some basic things. Like is your loft structure is right to design, room and windows position, most importantly your budget. Don’t worry we take care of all your needs. We are here to guide you with the best things for your loft conversion.


If your loft contains a smaller space like about its head height is 2.3mm to 4.3 mm. This height of the loft is ideal to transform. But other things can be a hindrance like a chimney, water tanks, electric wires, etc. Especially the height of the ceiling also needs a deep survey. This loft needs some attention. These loft space rooms are best to convert in a child’s room, office room or a library. But first, make sure your loft is all ready to convert or not. It can handle all these things or not. If you feel your loft is smaller than 2.3mm and it will become a small room. So don’t be sad it’s better to have a small room from larger one. You can also make smaller one larger by removing portions of room but it may cost you more. It’s better to decorate your room according cosy ideas of loft conversion. Choose those colors which enhances your room and gives light. Play with colors and decorate it according to your creativity. You can paint it white as white has the power of showing room larger and lighter. All colors have their own features. Take benefits from them and try them. You can also match a warm woods with dark furnished shade to make sure the loft looks safe and warm. For more ideas, you can search the best loft cozy ideas. After space and design, you need furniture to set in a room. Now it depends where you want to set your layout direction, a bathroom, and any storage bags or wardrobes. For this, you can hire an architect as he can easily guide and set your furniture.

Well, it’s a good idea to hire some professionals for your project. Now if you hire a contractor or architect who designed a structure for you according to your desire. After that, you give that drawing to your builder. Hiring an architect for your project will cost you much more than a normal project. So it’s better to hand over your all over project to a professional renovation company. They have a team of experts containing designers, architects, engineers, and builders. This will not become heavy on your budget and you can easily afford them. And if you are from Bermondsey than you have many good companies offering loft conversion services. Bermondsey is a region in South London. And it is considered to be the best place for living. Its food and culture are marvelous. It is famous for its fashion and museums. Loft conversion in Bermondsey is now easy with the help of Lc Renovation. Lc Renovation is London top-ranking renovation company. Lc renovation had made easy to renovate every type of Loft conversion in Bermondsey.  Lc renovation is specialized in house renovation, house extension, remodeling and loft conversion. With Lc renovation, you can easily do a Loft conversion in Bermondsey. Lc renovation has converted many projects of Loft conversion in Bermondsey. Lc Renovation is a light of hope for all those families who are thinking to renovate their houses or wants to transform their loft. Call them now and hire them for your project. Times to make your dream come true.