Our management team has many years of experience in transforming and renovating hundreds of homes for happy and satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on the level of quality, generosity and exceptional service that has created a great reputation for our customers, usually the end of repeat business and qualified referrals. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed. We have been providing highly affordable clients with in-house extension and luxury interior design services, since then our company has been successful in attracting architects, construction specialists and project managers. Has been, which enables our clients to provide extraordinary services? Their project has the ability to enjoy the whole process from touch to point of view and from concept to completion. Kitchen & Home Extension Company we are the most important home, kitchen and side return extension and House RENOVATION in Clapham We design, organize and construct various supply projects. We have worked at Clapham Junction and most of the area has close relationships with private residential clients, landlords. We have renovated, expanded and modernized several additional ordinary private residences in the neighborhood. Our services are not limited to Central Clapham, as we work on extraordinary projects both in the UK and internationally. Lcrenovation.co.uk has maintained good relationships with local planning authorities and our clients. Has a successful track record of navigating planning issues, and helping to achieve the sensitive design of listed buildings.

We offer services to enhance your living space, perhaps your growing family, perhaps a large kitchen, an additional bedroom, or just a living space for renovation. Whether it’s in the back of the house or wrapped in kitchenware, we will make the most of your home. We can provide you with the team you want to expand in London; your industry leading experience in quality construction has been recognized throughout West and Central London. Not only can our interior designers and builders add the beauty of your existing home – a standard decorative extension will also increase the value of your property. Your budget expansion home plan will enhance the appearance of your home as well as address the need for a more residential space. Our homebuilding specialists can easily help you with your property in London. Able to provide the transition, as you currently want in this large and spacious home. And all are contracted time frames. I work with you throughout the process. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate, and then start growing your home –

we’re ready when you are! Share your thoughts with us, and we make them a reality. We are a highly professional building company, Southwest London. To specialize in home extension, loft conversion, basement and renovation projects, we offer complete trunk solutions for design and construction services, interior design, and project management. Lcrenovation.co.uk can also offer bespoke kitchens and bathroom designs and furnishings and wall and floor finishes (tiles, wood floors and rugs). If you are already suitable with an architect or designer, we also provide a building and offer only serviceable service.