can also offer bespoke kitchens and bathroom designs and furnishings and wall and floor finishes (tiles, wood floors and rugs). If you are already suitable for an architect or designer, we also provide a building and offer only serviceable service. Our management team can transform hundreds of homes for happy and satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves on the level of quality, generosity and exceptional service that has created a great reputation for our customers, usually the end of repeat business and qualified referrals. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed. operates Balham and most of the area has relationships with private residential clients, landlords. We have renovated, expanded and modernized several additional ordinary private residences in the neighborhood. Our services are not limited to Central Blum, as we work on extraordinary projects in the UK and internationally.

We have established good relationships with local planning authorities and have a successful track record of helping our clients navigate planning issues, and achieve the sophisticated renovation of listed buildings. We are providing highly affordable customers with in-house extension and luxury interior design services, since then our company has been successful in attracting architects, construction specialists and project managers. What enables our clients to do a remarkable service? Their project has the potential to enjoy the whole process, from a communication point of view and concept to completion. Kitchen & Home Extension Company we are the most important home, kitchen and side return extension and house extension in Balham.

We are a local builder company that renovates the renovation, extension, basement and elevator of the house. The company is formed in partnership with four family brothers. We provide home improvement services for both residential and commercial establishments Change the organization of our experts and professional builders, restructuring specialists and designers to ensure dedicated attention and attention to detail. You can be assured that we are happy to meet with you at the beginning of the renovation process to hear your thoughts, plans, and needs. makes sure you understand what you think. And provide time and budget to your project. We want to meet your budget and exceed your budget Expectations we provide professionals with high project results, timely to every project and we do so with a friendly and professional attitude. If you dream of building a business through real estate – just reinvent the kitchen and fitting, renovate the bathroom and tile, or make home-made makeup, maximize your home space.