We provide refurbishing – refurbishment of the entire home, from refreshing the basic interior of the home. In the end it comes down to the quality of work, and the professional attitude from every angle of the project. We do not waste time with cheap equipment and techniques – only the best we choose and it has been proven in terms of time. We take extra care of our artists’ ability, do not allow any late arrivals and do so next time. It needs to be done better now. ¬†We are based in Clapham so you are expected to become the painters and decorators of choice for many of Clapham’s local residents and businesses. With the district being gentrified over the last decade, many of the types of painting and decorating services in Clapham that residents are enquiring for attention. Our tailored services mean that, as painters and decorators in Clapham (and the entirety) become a valuable alternative, many residents are looking to revitalize or refresh their home and commercial space. We are leading bespoke office fit-out and commercial refurbishment specialists. Our approach is simple – to create an inspiring commercial space that meets the needs of your business and reflects its brand identity.

We have many years’ experience in every aspect of refurbishment from initial consultancy to meticulously achieved completion. Management of your entire project will be through one point of contact. Every service is carried out by IP-accredited tradesman. We provide a professional design team who can advise you on how to bring your vision to reality, covering points such as color schemes, ergonomics, and workspace utilization. The team cans also source materials and products required and help you have employee engagement or stakeholder input. You will barely notice us. Your project will achieve on time and budget with the minimum disruption to building occupants. We also work out hours, overnight and at weekends to ensure that you can carry on with business as usual. Your safety and that of your employees is paramount, which is why we provide our in-house health & safety team, certified to the highest industry health and safety standards, rather than subcontractors.

lcrenovation.co.uk are well known for our commercial refurbishment work that we have been doing for ranging corporate clients from size to large multi-nationals to comparatively focused operations. Most of these take the form of office decoration and refurbishment. We continue our mission. We provide luxury painting and decorating services for residences, offices, restaurants, art galleries, hotels, schools and all commercial places. We meet the needs of people expecting the best standards and a professional approach. We are specialists in strategy for commercial works. What is your quality control process? Each project has a dedicated manager or supervisor with the relevant experience for each particular job. They ensure that the preparation is carried out to the highest standard, and that all safety measures are in place before the main work begins. They provide the client with reassurance that minimal disruption will be made to their home or business and are on-hand throughout the entirety of the job.