One percent of the total cost will be charged on key milestones of your project, so you will never have to contribute with all your money. 2. All in One Package We provide a comprehensive, one-to-one lot conversion service and oversee every step of the process from design to your elevator conversion, planning and approval. It starts with an unqualified quotation for the correct time scale for the project. If you are happy to move forward, Outlet will develop a professional plan that meets your exact specifications and if necessary, deal with the planning permission yourself. If you want to hire your own architect or structural engineer, we are also happy to work with them. Next, we have our own team to revive these projects. Project. Project Management As a client of Hum Loft, you will benefit from the attention of the project manager provides a comprehensive service in a single elevator conversion service and oversees every process. Our in-house team of qualified architects and excellent architects is able to carry out any project from small to large. Our first step toward expansion is to arrange a free site visit to your property in Brixton. We’ll discuss the design brief with your loft conversion needs and your ideas. This brief becomes our main goal. Using our vast knowledge and experience, we would advise you that you will need to adapt the design to get the most out of your proposal and we will try to exceed your expectations. After your initial design is approved, we can take care of all the necessary projects if needed, etc. When needed, we will submit a planning request for loft conversion designs and building control applications. We will act on your behalf as an agent, so you will have to pay most of the fees and wait for the decision. Loft Conversion in Brixton has made sure that the design plan they have a construction idea and can be built without any major modifications to the design. If you are looking for a home renovation specialist or if you need to contact a loft extension London we are here. Fixed price once free, no duty site is surveyed on your home; you will receive a quote from us which will explicitly address the costs associated with your Mount conversion.

If you choose us to choose your contractor, the price for which you sign up will be fixed.. Who will make sure the project is completed on time, and it’s as clear and simple as possible for you. This will include holding regular progress meetings to make sure you always know your job status, and to ask any questions you may have. Our client dashboard does not receive any service with our online US dashboard system. This state-of-the-art, fully automated system allows you to track and manage a number of key aspects of your project, as well as allow project management and construction teams to successfully build your loft conversions. It focuses all the important information related to your Loft Conversion project on an online user space with login details in your personal client. Entering the layout application has a constructive thinking and can be constructed without any major modification in the design.