Before contractors work on your residence, think about your renovation plan. Renovating your home is a great thing! You can have a rock garden like you always dreamed of and an extended storage place that you always needed, possibly also a large garage to park the extra cars whenever you host a party for friends! However, you should be informed before embarking on the difficult task of House Renovations in Pimlico your home. Before choosing a home renovation book or watching a video, talk to friends and people who have recently renovated their homes. Remember the saying: measure twice, cut once.

The contractors you hire will do the work as needed, but you must develop a flawless renovation plan because mistakes once made cannot be corrected or are most costly to fix.

Consider the following questions before making renovations:

Is your home renovation practical?                           

Maintenance renewal is not an option. You have to do it for the safety of your family. It also protects your investment.

According to experts, practicality and not luxury is all the rage these days. This means saying goodbye to a top-of-the-line kitchen and bathroom remodel and getting improvements that are functional. You can renovate almost any part of your home, but the bathroom and kitchen renovations will pay you more when you sell your home.

Another big trend in the market these days is going ‘green.’ Insulation, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving fixtures save money in the long run.

Is it worth your money?

You will certainly save by renovating and making your home greener. However, consider the return on investment from the renovations you are doing.

According to 2006 figures from the Appraisal Institute of Canada, bathroom and kitchen renovations give the highest return on investment of 75 to 100%, which means they increase the resale value and attractiveness of the home. Next are the exterior and interior painting, both with amortizations of 50-100%.

Is the renewal adaptable?


Flexhousing brings flexibility and practicality to your home, so you can repurpose a room as your needs change over the years. For example, you can convert one large room into two smaller ones and convert the basement into a rental suite.

It is healthy

Choose an energy-efficient design from that makes the most of natural light. Choose products made with recycled content, like reclaimed wood. Construction material must not emit toxic gases when used in construction and must involve a minimum of waste.

Planning to renovate your home? You need to make sure you have the objective and budget available. Never add other things outside of your plan if you don’t want to run out of budget. You can still have a great exterior design without running out of budget if you have the plan.

Here’s your to-do list before doing a home renovation.

  1. Make a list of the items you will need for your home renovation.
  2. Look for information on the things you are going to renovate. Check the price of the items you need.
  3. Look for discounted items to save money.
  4. Ask home renovation experts what you will need if you renovate your home.