In this guide, we will cover everything from start to end. What design to apply and what budget will suit the extension you need to. acknowledge everything before you start. You invest financially and emotionally in a house extension project so it should go smoothly and finish according to your plan extension. So let we guide you about the basic things of House Extension in Bermondsey.  Things which you have to consider before building are


  1. Distribute Wall

If your extension wall is combined with another house or neighbor wall and you have to dig a building foundation within 3m of the boundary. Then you will require a party wall act. After getting that permission you can move on with the process of extension.

  1. Site Entrance

You also have to see the deliveries of tools and materials. You must consider this point where the trucks and lorries will be parked and unload the tools and material. And also where they store their materials.


  1. Check Your services

Make sure to check all extension services properly. Don’t suppose that your electric, heating, and plumbing will cooperate with light and heat at extra space. You can also look at other possibilities.


  1. Some Main points not to Forget

Other important factors which you have to look into before starting the plans are

  • condition of soli in your area
  • services
  • trees or bushes around your house
  • Flooding history
  • any planning permission if requires


  1. Insurance of your house

Before starting the extension have a meeting with the insurer to check out if they provide any insurance over some extensions product.

Is it important to have a planning Planning Before starting a house extension in Bermondsey?

No, it’s not important in many cases but maybe in some cases, you will need planning permission. There are some rules which come under Planning permission. If you are planning a particular extension then you will need permit planning. For permission, you will submit an application connecting with your local authority and by surveying local planning policies you get to know what idea is good to approve. You can also apply via the planning portal. The cost of the extension will cost you around $200.


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