There are different types of loft conversion in Clapham. You can choose any of it according to the structure of your house, factors, age of your house and cost you spend on loft projects. Following are some examples and types of loft conversion. Go through the details and find how these conversions will work on your house, would they suit you? and how costly it will be.


  1. Add Light to conversion

If you have enough space in your roof then adding light will be the cheapest option you can go for. In this conversion, you don’t have to change any shape or structure neither you have to build any extra space for your loft conversion. Simply adding skylight windows, proper furnishings, and a staircase can make a room more livable. But make sure you have enough space for roof light conversion.

  1. Dormer loft Conversion

This conversion takes place at the slope of the roof. Dormer loft conversions are the common types of conversion. Most houses consist of a sloping roof so this conversion is pretty good for these houses. Dormer conversions are also reasonable and fit in your budget. Still, you can add an extra room or a floor.


  1. Hip to gable Loft Conversion

it works in terms of extending the hip of the roof outwards at one side of your house. It creates a vertical gable wall which makes enough space in the loft. Hip to gable conversion only can be done in detached and semi-detached houses as it needs a sloping side roof. If you already have a detached house and a sloping side roof you can also create more vast and creative double hip to gable loft conversion.


  1. Mansard Loft Conversion

It is a roof with four sloping sides run with the length of your house and will exchange the roof of the slope forming it in vertical shape. Mansard is one of the expensive loft conversions in Clapham but it is best for building a larger space. They are best for proper types of work like terraced, semi-detached and detached houses.

What Points to look for while choosing a builder or an architecture?

When you are in the hiring process it’s better to make recommendations with your neighbors, friends or family who have recently done a project loft conversion in Clapham. You can also have online research seeing if there are any online conversion services.

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