We can arrange non-duty counseling, where we can discuss all of the options you have, advice you if you need planning permission and go through all the relevant details. Single story and backyard extensions are a popular choice for many homeowners. Such an extension opens a house and easily connects it to a garden. Many people choose double doors, which create a smooth transition between indoors and out, and create a sense of space, light and air. It is usually ground floor extension and separate or semi-detached. Specific to the expansion of houses in Bermondsey, it is used to extend the kitchen or lounge or even to create an additional bedroom or bathroom.

Provide upscale kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living space

As a Loft Conversion in Bermondsey We offer professional building services, which provide upscale kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living space? We also work to give you extra space with high extensions and lout conversions. From the planning stage and material selection to the project management, our team will work with you to ensure high-end completion.

Choosing a soft gray and burnt chrome stool to complement the shiny 

Although it is a modern renovation open plan, clever use of fixtures and fittings, and smart colors has given the key to the space. As long as the ceiling and wood floors are kept neutral, the contrasting beams divide the kitchen space. Choosing a soft gray and burnt chrome stool to complement the shiny kitchen tiling and matt units brings the space together. This, in addition to the light gray drop pendant lighting on the contemporary island, allows for intimate eating despite the open plan. From luxurious fixtures and fittings to comfortable living, the overall feeling leans toward industrial minimalism. We work with you to provide the best quality renovation and delivery of your home.

Kitchen looks better and better

Lcrenovation.co.uk is experienced and in-house extension professionals this can be done around the rear extension to create a wrap area, giving you a completely new area to accommodate your needs. The kitchen extension is the kitchen of any home and many people want to make their kitchen look better and better. An open-plan plant kitchen is a desirable feature for many homeowners to entertain and cook, so it will really increase the value of your property. Such double or multi story extensions will not only unlock the ground floor but other floors.

High performance conservatives

Depending on the size of your home, you can extend the existing room or add new rooms. Property type and overall design planning will be key factors in this process. Housing is used for automakers and is often used to store things that you personally use on a regular basis. Why not use this extra space and increase the value of your home in the process? This is a great way to grow lots of space without the need for construction work, and can be used for home office, children’s playroom, kitchen extension or utility room conservatory and orange boxes. We can install fully prepared, high performance conservatives. So for you, so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long. The Orange Bridge is a bridge between expansion and conservatism, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Lightweight and airy, they are also thermally efficient.