Despite house renovation, many owners go for house extensions as their family is extending and they all need some extra space for living. House extensions in Battersea are such a long process as it requires more space and extra budget. House extension changes the look of your current house. As it gives your house a new life. And also gives extra space to family members to live rather than a shift in another house. Most homeowners hire a contractor for a project of house extensions in Battersea but it doesn’t mean you cannot extend your house on your own. You can take part with them or can start a project alone by yourself. You just need the guidance of tools you have to take in House renovations in Battersea

Battersea is a small region located in the South West of London. Basically it was established on an island at the access of the Falconbrook. It is mostly famous for its roadside park. Like other regions it also has a popular housing society surrounded with all types of house detached, semi detached and terraced with two and four storey bed rooms.

So coming back to the point the main tools which you need in house renovations in Battersea are given below.

  • Founding base material. Extending your house needs a new foundation. You may need some foundation material for building a new space.
  • Shaping wood or timber according to your design.
  • Adding a new floor, wall and roof ceiling. Depending on which type of floor you want to add ceramic, tiles or wood, the same thing applies on walls. Roof sheltering is how many shelters you want.
  • Plumbing of water pipelines, water heaters and fixing of electric wires and sockets.
  • Air conditioner system settings
  • Extras arrangement of cabins, marbles, the interior of floors and walls, painting an extension and finishing touch


so these all are the main tools and things you need to cover in the house extension project. After making the list of tools another main thing is to set your budget. It’s important to calculate the range of your project which things you are going to cover. Extending your house means to build a new portion. which demand new floors, walls, windows, contractors, legal permission and proper budget. Mostly the budget of a house extension in Battersea varies from $50,000 to $80,000 depending on your project if it is a full room project.

After all these planning you need a good contractor and architect to work on your project. It’s not possible to handle your project alone. You need a helping hand. It’s better to take a part in your project with a contractor. Involve yourself with them. House renovations in Battersea or a loft conversion in Battersea whatever project you chose you to need professional advice on that project. It’s hard to hand this all work on your own. If you don’t want to hire a contractor at least hire an architect as it will be a gem to your project. An architect will give you a proper drawing of your house project. Architect and contractor both are important for your house renovation project. But hiring them individually can be a burden on your budget. In this situation, Lc renovation is offering outstanding services in your budget. No need to hire an expert individually. Lc renovation has a team of experts including contractor, builder, architect, engineers, etc. Lc renovation offers different house services. Among them, the most demanded service in Battersea is house extension and Loft conversion in Battersea. You can relax after signing your project to Lc renovation as it is in safe hands now.