Mostly people get confused in both situations. As time pases your family requirements get increasw with tiime. So most families do not know that their house might be small for future planning as compared to your current family situation. At that time most owners check the design and climate of the house. They don’t have any idea that they might be in need of extra space in future. When their children get younger or their parents get older or you may need extra space for your office work. There are many conditions in which you need to extend or shift your house. Now which thing is better for you depends on your current need. Especially your budget. If you can afford a new big house then you can shift to a new house. But if you don’t have enough money for shifting, then a house extension is a better option for you. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of house shifting and house extensions in Kingstone.

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is located in the south-west of London. It is famous for its antique old buildings and fine natural port. The famous Kingston university is also a part of this beautiful city. Coming back to our article. Following are some comparisons between house extensions and shifting.  During the survey with homeowners we found that most of the families go for house extension as compared to house shifting. The top main reasons given by families are

  1. Shifting is time taking process

Shifting a house requires much time and it is a long process. First of all you have to look for a location which is near your office or school of your children. Secondly the design, size and shape of the house should be perfect. Moreover you have to take out time from your busy schedule and start finding a house. It may be a stressful process for working families. But if you choose a house extension in Kingston then it will not be much stressful and everything is in front of you. And you can manage it by yourself. You just have to add an extra space and renovate it according to your needs.

  1. Modification of new house

It’s easy to modify your own house as compared to modifying a new house. In a new house you have to shift your things according to house design. It will take an extra effort and time. So it’s better to use your efforts and extra time in extending your current house. You know better from where to extend your house or what space do you need. like you need an extension for adding an extra bedroom, bathroom or an office room. Hence its easy to design your house according to your mood.

  1. House shifting is heavy on your pocket

One most important thing we get to know during a survey is that house extension in Kingston is more affordable as compared to house shifting. First of all the property you purchase you have to pay real estate fees and then some legal terms are going to be fulfilled. But in extension you can extend your house according to your budget. One more benefit of house extension in Kingston is it can increase the sale value of your house.

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