If you are considering flat roofed dormer conversion in particular, as it offers extra headroom, straight walls and flat ceilings, which is in return to be relatively inexpensive to create. a type of dormer suitable for most UK property styles, whether it is a typical London Victorian terrace, or a post war semi or modern detached. In some people’s eyes, a flat roofed dormer may not provide the aesthetic appeal of other forms of loft conversion, but it does provide the greatest benefit in both floor space and headroom. While a gable fronted dormer or hipped roof dormer can be an attractive addition to a property, it can be more expensive to construct and will not provide as much additional interior space. We will ensure your loft conversion will be an excellent one Lcrenovation.co.uk Construction Company based in London offers all types of loft conversion covering Stockwell SW9 district. We will make a great impact on your living space for added comfort and increased space. Loft Conversion in Stockwell is the most popular choice of residential property extensions, and by following the liberal planning permissions associated with them, we will ensure your loft conversion will be an excellent investment to your property.

Types of loft conversions in Stockwell 

Our builders have a vast experience converting numerous types of loft conversions into Stockwell, featuring across the South West as well as West London. We are happy to work with your architects, structural engineers; we can make your right choice when choosing loft conversion specialists in London. You can be assured that we can take care of everything including design drafts, planning permissions from your local council and build your loft conversion to your desired expectations, time and budget.


Popular types of loft conversion you can consider are Dormer, Mansard, L shape Mansard, Hip to Gable and Velux. Consideration is taken on existing roof layout, and certain restrictions that apply will allow us to find out what type of loft conversion you will be going with the local authority going forward. You will need to book a free complimentary consultation at your property to discuss your thoughts and budget. The most feasible for the most residential projects located in Stockwell; the process incorporates architects, quantity surveyors, party wall engineers, structural engineers, building control and our finest builders. Lcrenovation.co.uk can recommend or work with third-party architects, building regulations and planning permission, structural engineering and the building and management of your project, which fits your budget and your time. The Pros and Cons Loft Conversion You can achieve remarkable upper floor space by converting your loft.