is a major provider of kitchen and side return extensions. In London it has basic kitchen, home extension and side return extension specialist builders. We specialize in a variety of successful home expansion plans in London. Designed to enhance your space inside and outside your home and breathe new life. With Home Extension London, you can create more space for a growing family or increase the value of your property. Our extended designs are tailored to your needs and our qualified, in-house experienced experts in London and Battersea can bring them to life in weeks.

Bus Extension – A Leading Building Extension Builder in Battersea We specialize in kitchen extensions, side return extensions and home extensions in Battersea. Make your home work for yourself and your family by using your space with the extension you want. We work with other extension builders in a somewhat different way, offering all our clients a specific design, build and project management package that is worth the money. We have created beautiful kitchen extensions that not only give families and homeowners the space they desire, but we design them to accommodate every last inch of space. Should be used wisely. From utility rooms to skylights that illuminate a dark place. We have modern designers who work with you to create the perfect space. Many of our projects include publications such as Your Home, Real Homes, Metro and the Sunday Times. Here’s how we can expand: Side Return Extension Wrap around Expansion Rear Extensions Double Floor Extensions Kitchen Extensions.

House Extension in Battersea many extension makers, we offer all in-house extension packages that include: Fixed prices Design and planning Project management Built-in Dedicated client dashboard How much customer service on a home extension The cost will depend on how much you want to expand, how large the extension is, the type of content you want to use and the type of ownership you have. Once a free, no-obligation site survey is conducted, we will send you a price quote. If you decide to build an extension of your Battersea home through us, you will sign a fixed fee agreement based on the details described in the contact. There may be additional fees if there are major changes to the specification. Click here for more information on how we work. Why choose Home extensions can be a cost-effective way to add square footage to your home without moving, and with all of our, fixed fee packages, there will be no nasty surprises. We use approved local contractors who meet our high expectations.

All clients will have access to their Project Management Hub, where they can keep tabs on what’s happening. The husband and wife team, led by Helen and Rob, has more than 1many years of experience at Bus Extend, which has expanded to a higher standard that exceeds client expectations. Start rolling the ball on your own home extension; contact us today for a free site survey. How much will it cost to expand your kitchen or home? An extension in Battersea would typically cost you However; the cost of the extension depends on your choice of extension and a few other factors. Get a free quote today. Why are we the leading builder in Battersea? Our portfolio includes some of the most beautiful and well-built houses in Battersea. We offer fully bespoke kitchen or home extension designs that are affordable and exactly what you want! Many years satisfaction guarantee.